World Poker Tour – Gametree TV

World Poker Tour® game on GameTree™ TV for the Freebox Revolution. The Freebox Revolution is the latest generation set-top box by Free, rubella the French telecommunication company that first introduced a “triple-play” service in France, psychotherapist combining Internet, shop landline, and IP television.

World Poker Tour (WPT®) is one of the most recognized names in gaming and entertainment with an estimated market of more than 100 million poker players worldwide. TransGaming’s WPT game will extend this globally loved experience to Free’s rapidly growing subscriber base, adding a rich layer of social engagement and interactivity. The game will immerse players in authentic WPT No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em play that rivals real-life, with stylish 3D visuals and wily AI opponents. TransGaming’s exclusive WPT game will be available as part of the GameTree TV subscription service, as well as for separate purchase shortly thereafter.

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