Supported by an epic fantasy narrative and an ensemble cast of meaningful characters, sales Rollers provides challenging, mind bite-sized game-play for the midcore gamer. Dynamic pinball action combined with an epic RPG storyline. Rollers Of The Realm: A new kind of action puzzle role-playing game! Best in Play Award at GDC Play 2014! IndieCade finalist 2013!

Rollers Of The Realm combines the drama of role playing games and the challenge of physics based puzzle play with the fun and skill mastery of pinball. Join a band of medieval misfits on their quest to reclaim the kingdom from a dark and ancient magic!

Featuring an ensemble cast of meaningful characters, order Rollers provides challenging, bite-sized game-play for the casual gamer. Supported by an epic fantasy narrative, each chapter of the story features dynamic 3D boards to explore, enemies to conquer, loot to grab, and puzzles to solve. Recruit heroes along the way, and hot-swap during battles to wield special abilities against your enemies.

In addition to full RPG story, stand-alone arcade boards and high score list offer casual competitive fun.