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Joel Walsh – Sound Designer

Email : joel-at-studio13-dot-ca



I’m an experienced Sound Designer providing both creative and technical audio production services to award winning Video Game, physician Music & Broadcast properties. I work directly in the game development workflow with other creative, design and technical team members helping them define and deliver fantastic sounding projects. As the lines continue to blur between games, interactive and broadcast I’m able to help teams navigate & deliver on projects for multiple platforms.

Over my career I’ve ended up working in a wide variety of creative and production roles and have enjoyed this broad perspective on audio production. An enthusiastic and an easy going personality I still love collaborating with other creative professionals and feel passionate about games and their unique ability to engage, challenge and entertain.

So what is it that I do for projects ?

• Review the project with the team and help establish creative & technical goals for audio.
• Collect supporting references from design docs, game prototypes / alpha and other media.
• Establish audio production scope, outline roles, responsibilities and deliverables.
• Consult on supporting technologies, pipelines and workflows, direct audio features and integration.
• Provide audio documentation as an audio outline (doc) & sound list (spreadsheet).
• Provide feedback and inspiration on how sound design and game design can connect.
• Co-ordinate audio production milestones in line with project deadlines.
• Deliver high quality original sound content, working with feedback, responding to changes.
• Track and manage polish and follow through on audio issues up to ship date.